It is time for our decision makers to Get Back to the Basics, and work on reforms that help our government operate better, free up our economy to generate jobs, and change the tax code to quite simply match our budget.

Government Reform

It is time for our government to be open, accountable, and limited to the basics that match the needs of our citizens and plans for the future. Taxpayers have a right to a federal government that does not grow beyond our needs or our ability to pay for it.

We need to help our citizens regain confidence in our system so that we welcome campaign reform that includes everyone and not just those who have the financial means to step on this political stage.

Economic Freedom

We are last in job growth among our neighboring states and more than 94,000 Illinoisans moved out of our state last year. This needs to be reversed.

  • Limited Government. State and local government can use innovation to be more efficient with government spending and limited federal mandates. It is time to limit and match the size of our federal government to our needs and allow local control to better equip our communities.

  • Financial Freedom. It is time to reexamine the concept of being too large to fail in our business environment. We should reward good business practices and limit using taxpayer money to bail out bad business practices. There is something very basic about that, because bailouts do not promote financial freedom, but competition does. In the same sense government programs should only match the needs of our citizens and institutions, and reductions and reforms will put more money back in the pockets of the taxpayers.

  • Give Workers a Raise. Union contracts set both a wage floor and a wage ceiling, limiting the ability to reward union workers for exemplary performance with pay beyond that wage upper limit. This removes the incentive for more outstanding performance and limits upward mobility. An idea has been proposed of removing this contractual ceiling (known as the RAISE Act), and I will work toward using this concept to restore the ability of union members to be paid higher wages for exceptional production in their work.

Tax Reform

Taxpayers have the right to expect the government to balance the budget without raising taxes and have a simpler, fair tax code that citizens can understand.    Our tax code is not simple, and not necessarily understandable by our citizens. We can create a tax policy that is matched to our budget, recognizes the need to reduce the national debt, and adjustable when a need is identified and justified. This requires reconnecting with the citizens who pay the taxes, and using those taxes for the needs and security of the community as whole. Fewer taxes in essence puts food on the table, clothes in the closet, gas in the car, and more money back the hands of the taxpayer who in turn can use that money in our economy.  A strong economy helps us solve long term problems.


I want to use my experience as a researcher and tackle a comprehensive, sensible energy policy with a scope of at least 50 years.  My goal would be to reach a form of stability where we are running our industries and maintaining our environment for both large industries and small businesses using existing and innovative forms of energy.

It is high time we focus on a cohesive energy policy that reduces waste and maximizes the output of energy that benefits the generations to come.


We need to support students by helping teachers. I want to reinvigorate the partnership between the institutions that train our workforce and the industries that hire and utilize that workforce. This means not only teaching and learning the basics of education, but also supporting specialized training for specific needs in our economy. The partnership with businesses should occur as early as possible so students can look forward to long-term plans for training and work.


Innovation drives changes in medical services. Partnership are now needed between the institutions that train our future medical providers and people that intend to pursue those jobs. We should recognize that a crisis exists right now in providing adequate personnel (particularly nurses and, in the future, possibly doctors and technicians) to care for our retiring citizens and others in need. I will not only concentrate on the access to medical services, but also refocus an examination on the delivery of medical services and the support that medical personnel need with a rapidly aging population.

That is Getting Back to the Basics.


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